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28th July
written by Mombo#9

The dog days of summer are almost upon us. In skating this translates to the long arduous days with little-to-no blades-on-ice news. There are rumors of course. Is Sasha taking all of her pairs tests? Will she then complete her dance through internationals? Will Mauri make it to Glee? Will Piper move to Hollywood to be an actress? Who will Rockne chose as a partner? Will eight media woman survive in a one-bathroom cabin in the Lake Placid wilderness with little more than 1000 memory cards filled with skating images?
Lake Placid and its Ice Dance Championships take place next week, and those with dance fever are anxiously awaiting the new combo dance — The Original Meets Compulsory — and how that works out in leveling the field while confusing the audience. The free dance always told a story so there is no fluidity there, but now the music must be uplifting, hinting that there will be a plethora of epiphanies amongst spectators and very little angst on skating faces (at least while on the ice).
The Junior Grand Prix and Grand Prix circuits are on the cusp of the autumn harvest and we await the aligning of stars — as in skating stars. Some of the golden ones are sitting out the pre-season after standing at the top of the podium in February, perhaps giving some of their competitors a shot at the top or setting up a scene of “rivalry.” That seems to be the caveat of hope for a bigger piece of television rights.
Until the big events we are left with watching reruns of CSI from seeming every city and Housewives from NY, New Jersey, Atlanta, Orange County, and DC. Our low budget version of “So You Think You Can Dance” is run through an online You Tube like contest where Joel Dear seems to be a stand out young choreographer. I suppose the only way this could make a major network would be if teams switched partners for the summer and former skaters created ridiculously outrageous programs for the current era competitors. Judges for the event could be current coaches representing the vast different thought camps  — Russian, French, and the United States.
Well, we can dream can’t we?
Who would have believed a blanket with arms would be a household word and the dreaded gift from distant relatives creating a billion dollar industry?
If we put some sequins on them and sold them at the registration desk we could remarket them as “Figure Skating Stadium Wraps.”

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